RVE wins Sweepstakes Award at EAE

RVE wins Sweepstakes Award at EAE
Posted on 12/15/2018
This is the image for the news article titled RVE wins Sweepstakes Award at EAERancho Verde Elementary won the sweepstakes award at the Los Fresnos CISD Elementary Academic Event Saturday at Los Fresnos High School.

RVE scored 259 points. easily outdistancing Palmer-Laakso Elementary, which took second place with 162 points. Villarreal Elementary, which won the 2017 event, third with 139.

The students in grades 2 to 5 took part in 18 events, including Science, Mathematics, Number Sense, Creative Writing, Ready Writing, Oral Reading in English and Spanish, and Maps, Graphs and Charts.

Each school had a coach for each of the nine events, bringing the total to 162 classroom teacher coaches who have prepared students for this event since early in the school year.

In addition, there are about 100 judges and volunteers who will assist in making the event a success. The total does not include hundreds of parents who are also expected to attend.

The top six places in each category receiving awards were:

2nd Grade Oral Reading – English
1. Daria Garber, OES
2. Raymond Abrego, PLE
3. Joseph Gillespie, PLE
4. Farrah Perales, DRE
5. Andrea Ramirez, RVE
6. Alegria Phelipa, LFE
2nd Grade Oral Reading – Spanish
1. Regina Buitron, OES
2. Frida Arteaga, RVE
3. Ana Mayte Escalante, RVE
4. Cutberto Lopez, VES
5. Daniela Silva, OES
6. Daniel Alex Ochoa, VES
3rd Grade Oral Reading – English
1. Sarah Reyna, VES
2. Pamela Joya, PLE
3. Nicolas Orepeza, RVE
4. Bailey Perman, OES
5. Camela Aprea, RVE
6. Kaitlyn Jones, LFE
3rd Grade Oral Reading – Spanish
1. Belen Gonzalez, RVE
2. Charlotte Morales, RVE
3. Yasmin Sauceda, DRE
4 Armando Rojas, LFE
5. Aaron Rodriguez, VES
6. Gael Alvarez, DRE
4th Grade Oral Reading – English
1. Addison Barrera, VES
2. Kate Meyer, VES
3. Jacob Cisneros, RVE
4. Jenesis Garcia, LFE
5. Ember Perez, RVE
6. Sofia Meyer, VES
4th Grade Oral Reading – Spanish
1. Viridiana Lopez, VES
2. Dalina Barcenas, VES
3. Aned Duron, VES
4. Suri Garza, LFE
5. Ruby Torres, LYE
6. Noe Altamirano, LRE
5th Grade Oral Reading – English
1. Carlos Zertuche, RVE
2. Olivia Rowe, LFE
3. Bella Rivera, LFE
4. Matthew Gomez, LRE
5. Clarissa Espinoza, RVE
6. Paola Solis, LRE
5th Grade Oral Reading – Spanish
1. Nicolle Garcia, PLE
2. Ximena Banales, PLE
3. Lilyan Villa, PLE
4. Ady Hercules, VES
5. Brency Weary, LRE
6. Joselin Garcia, LRE
2nd Grade Creative Writing
1. Carolina Quintero, DRE
2. Melody Brewer, PLE
3. Alania Tovar, RVE
4. Ahani Aza, DRE
5. Tanya Balakrishna, RVE
6. Lily Amar Rodriguez, LYE
3rd Grade Ready Writing
1. Melody Garcia, LES
2. Sherlyn Galvan, LES
3. Kylie Rincon, PLE
4. Lily Cardenas, PLE
5. Edna Caraveo, DRE
6. Zoey Encinia, VES
4th Grade Ready Writing
1. Gabriela Hernandez Amaya, PLE
2. Victoria Rivera, OES
3. Maddison Woodward, VES
4. Carolina Roblero, LES
5. Valeria Lerma, DRE
6. Kyrie Galvan, OES
5th Grade Maps, Graphs and Charts
1. Jacob Rodriguez, RVE
2. Kristen Guzman, DRE
3. Vanessa Diaz, LRE
4. Nayda Loera, OES
5. Liam Jimenez, OES
6. Martin Barragan, LYE
4th Grade Science
1. Jesus Quintanilla, LRE
2. Joshua Alamo, OES
3. Nicolas Ruiz, LES
4. Justin Muñoz, LES
5. Olivia Jackson, RVE
6. Javier Espinoza, RVE
5th Grade Science
1. (tie) Isabella Martinez, LYE
1. (tie) Mia Perez, RVE
3. Cristian Loera, RVE
4. (tie) Samuel Mondragon, PLE
4. (tie) Kaya Gonzalez, PLE
6. Eliot Diaz, LYE
2nd Grade Mathematics

1. Gabriel Rodriguez, DRE
2. Larry Campbell, LRE
3. Roberto Avendaño Jr., RVE
4. Brandon Zarate, VES
5. Josue Nieto, LYE
6. Nicholas Arce, LFE
3rd Grade Mathematics
1. Samuel Qin, RVE
2. (tie) Sunny Zhang, OES
2. (tie) Timothy Qin, RVE
4  Nicolas Sandoval, PLE
5. Aaron Vasquez, PLE
4th Grade Number Sense
1. Christopher Padilla, RVE
2. Ojas Shrestta, OES
3. (tie) Julian de la Garza, PLE
3. (tie) Erika Martinez, RVE
5. Damian Bujanos, PLE
6. Julian Lerma, VES
5th Grade Number Sense
1. Viviana Oyervides, RVE
2. Joaquin Alvarado, OES
3. Patricio Alvarado, OES
4. John Escamilla, RVE
5. Josiah Rebolledo, DRE
6. (tie) Jordan Peña, LFE
6. (tie) Mario Esquivel, VES

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